Infobank Hellastat SA (IB.HS) with 60 years of presence in the Greek market is one of the leading financial and commercial information providers specialized in Credit Risk.

As a Member of the global business information network of Credit Safe and with our subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Cyprus, Infobank Hellastat SA (IB.HS) provide substantial assistance to executives who take important decisions on economic and commercial issues in Greece or abroad. In response to the constantly changing financial environment, we invest in the speed and quality of our customer service from an on-line platform and we have won the trust of the majority of small, medium up to large companies from all sectors of the Greek economy. Offering flexible solutions for analysis of financial statements, credit rating, transactional behavior, studies of economic sectors for both suppliers and customers, and tools of finding potential customers, IB.HS is the partner you can trust for a strategic planning, implementation and monitoring your financial and trade policies.


Our mission

IB.HS, with modern tools, consistency and unparalleled service, seeking for the immediate and complete information towards our customers who are in search of corporate financial data and market information for Greece and abroad. Having the expertise and the know-how at Credit Risk Management we provide support in planning the right strategies and policies to our customers, contributing to their healthy development.


Our Vision

Providing an ideal working environment for our people, developing and exploit competitive advantages in order to be first choice in business information and credit analysis market in Greece, investing in long-term relationships our customers, preserve and develop our clientele and ensuring profitability for our shareholders.


Board of Directors

President & CEO:

Gouzelos Nikolaos



Ampelakioti Antigoni

Karathanasi Katerina

Paltoglou Nikolaos

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FAX: 210-8939098-99

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