Intellectual Property Rights (copyright and industrial property rights)

The content and domain name of the present website, the discrete title "Infobank Hellastat SA", the shape, the design and the content of the website's pages as well as the Data Base, to which access is granted by the website and its software constitute an object of copyright and industrial property rights exclusively of Infobank Hellastat SA and are protected by the provisions for the Intellectual Property Rights of the Greek and international law.

As a result, it is prohibited to reproduce, download, save and copy, republish, broadcast, circulate, publish in any way part or the total of the website's content, without prior the expressed written consent of Infobank Hellastat as the beneficiary and always under the condition of stating the source of origin. Exceptionally, it is allowed to solitarily save or copy parts of the content for strictly personal use.

According to article 7 of Law 2819/2000, Infobank Hellastat SA has the copyright of the Data Base, as its creator but not of solitary information which it contains and which remain copyright of the companies concerned.

Moreover, Infobank Hellastat SA is the sole beneficiary of the software, based on which the Data Base is structured and operated.

In any case, it is prohibited to Subscribers to use the total or part of the information, in the shape obtained by the Data Base in order to insert them to other information data bases or to digital means of information storage and files in general, to insert them and utilise them in books or other publications, without stating the source of these information

In any case, during the utilisation of the Data Base's information, the subscriber is obliged not to withhold or modify or remove in any way the information's distinctive marks of origin from Infobank Hellastat SA's Data Base.

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