Credit Risk Management Training

Today, more than ever, decisions which are taken from executives and entrepreneurs are crucial as far as they concern the results of each business unit and the results of the companies facing intense competition and difficult financial situation.

More specific, strategy and credit risk policies catalytically affect the viability, profitability and the development of organizations. Furthermore, companies which recognize the importance of timely prediction and assessment of credit risk are capable of minimizing the risk of any 'unpleasant surprises'.


IB.HS supports all decision makers in credit policy issues with direct and reliable information, tools and training.


In the educational pillar, IB.HS organizes both in-house and 'open' training sessions in Credit Risk Management.


Among others, the participants thoroughly informed on the following subjects:

  • Introduction to credit risk management
  • Understanding financial statements and trading reports
  • Ratio analysis
  • Expert and ratio systems
  • Credit scoring and modelling default
  • Market-based credit models
  • Market default models
  • Managing credit risk in a corporate environment
  • Financial distress


Credit Risk Training Courses

Credit Risk Excellence - Essentials CRE-E Course
Credit Risk Excellence - Corporate  CRE-C Certificate
Credit Risk Excellence - Retail  CRE-R Certificate

Credit Risk Excellence - Professional

CRE-P Diploma

Restart Business RB Certificate


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