IB.HS always operates based on the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Basic principles of the company are ethos, respect, authenticity and effectiveness. IB.HS personnel is committed to both corporate and client level for these traditional and timeless values in order to create mutually beneficial relationships of trust.

The overall objective of our policy is to continually improve our business performance while creating added value for our customers and partners. To achieve our goals, we have installed and implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. The main objective of the Quality Management System is to continuously improve the efficiency of the company's operations, always having as a basis the continuous satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers to the maximum extent possible.

IB.HS gives priority to the human element and the evolution of its people, encouraging creative solutions and innovative ideas. We commit ourselves to ensuring the necessary resources, creating the right working environment and constantly training our staff with the aim of achieving the best possible customer satisfaction, constant improvement of products and services and maintaining the company's leading position in the field of specialization.

Increasing our customer satisfaction is the best advertisement for our brand. We commit ourselves to complying with the specifications of the products and services we offer, accept and consider each proposal or observation with willingness to collaborate, we make sure that any omissions or errors are dealt promptly, definitively and in a way that ensures the high level of services provided.

We also commit to:

  • Comply with applicable law and other applicable requirements governing the operation of the business; and/li>
  • The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System

Our commitment is a guide to systematically reviewing our performance and identifying our business goals.

IB.HS’ Quality Policy expresses the company's attitude towards customer care and all employees of the company have the duty to operate in such a way that the Quality Policy is applied in all cases.

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