Infobank Hellastat and the Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Piraeus create for the first time in Greece a professional training program on Enterprise Risk Management.

Mastering ERM prepares all risk professionals to design and implement Enterprise Risk Management standards that enhance all decision-making processes. It cultivates and develops the skills and capabilities to predict and assess risks necessary for risk management. Moreover, it is addressed to all business executives, regardless of their academic and professional background, who wish to invest in a new role in their career.

Nicolas Gouzelos
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Infobank Hellastat SA

"Mastering Enterprise Risk Management" is the 'natural' extension of the already established 360° Credit Risk Management Diploma, a result of our strategic partnership with the University of Piraeus. Based on the credit risk assessment and understanding of the wider business operation of the business units, Mastering ERM will help participants recognize and manage threats from all the risks posed to current and future volatility business environment, while building a new executive role, that of the Chief Risk Officer. Mastering ERM is today the best educational choice for executives wishing to enrich their knowledge in a modern subject and to direct their careers to a sought-after specialty in Europe and in Greece in the near future

John Sorros
Scientific Director-
Director of MSc in Accouting & Control in Businesses & Public Sector, University of Piraeus

«Piraeus University, since its foundation as a “School of Industrial Studies”, sought to connect with the business sector and contributed, with the strengths it had to each time, to the promotion of training programs that improve professional competence. With the current data on the operation of the Center for Lifelong Learning (KEDIBIM), the University's connection to the market is being redesigned in order to increase and improve its qualitative participation in educational activities in vocational education.

The implementation of the successful 360° Credit Risk Management Diploma is a resounding demonstration of this effort and confirms the successful results that can be achieved by dynamic public and private partnerships in the field of education. This success was the foundation stone for the next step, the implementation of the Mastering Enterprise Risk Management in cooperation with IB.HS.

As a Scientific Program Manager, I would like to assure participants that recognition of our University by the international educational community, our multifaceted and innovative research activity, our distinguished academic rapporteurs as well as modern educational material are a guarantee of quality of knowledge and its utilization in the contemporary role of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

This new professional specialization marks the developments in the field of business action, developments that we will closely follow with the cooperating bodies and we will also participate in the future in meeting the needs that will be shaped..»

What is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise Risk management (ERM): is the process of planning, organizing, guiding and controlling an organization's activities to minimize the impact of risk on capital and results. Risk management includes financial, strategic and operational risks as well as risks associated with accidental losses.

The benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

  • See Risk as Opportunity

Enterprise risk management (ERM) looks at risk holistically, considering how to treat and exploit risk. In other words, ERM helps you think about how to use risk as an opportunity. This could involve increasing competitive positions or taking better advantage of the market. Because ERM helps you identify risks early, you are also not blindsided by risk events. This means that you can track potential future risks, providing a warning to your company and improving the value of analysis of data.

  • Make Better Decisions

The risk data you receive from enterprise risk management is vital to decision making at management levels. Data includes the status of risk factors, possible new risks, and strategies to combat or work with risk. Aggregating and sharing this data help you understand the most important risks to focus on.

  • Change the Risk Culture of Your Organization

Once you begin to consider possible risks to your business, you will become more aware of possible future risks. This insight changes the culture of your organization’s management, encouraging open discussion about how to mitigate risk and ultimately making you more successful. Working with enterprise risk management consulting companies also creates a standardized framework for evaluating risk.

  • Become more Efficient

In organizations without ERM, many individuals may be involved with managing and reporting risk across operational units. While developing an ERM program does not replace the need for day to day risk management, it can improve the framework and tools used to perform the critical risk management functions in a consistent manner. Eliminating redundant processes improves efficiency by allocating the right amount of resources to mitigating the risk.

Key features of the program:

  • Focus on all aspects of the ERM framework. The program covers all aspects of risk (risk prediction, risk identification, risk quantification, risk management, decision making).
  • Focus on all sources of danger. Addressing and managing all possible sources of risk (strategic, market, operational, financial, cyber security, etc.).
  • Practical approach. Development of practical tools and techniques applied in the market (case studies).

Who should attend Mastering ERM?

  • Graduates of higher education schools wishing to become professionally involved in risk management
  • To executives with work experience or wishing to engage in business risk management

What is the purpose of Mastering ERM?

After the successful completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Design and implement an appropriate ERM framework, tailored to any organization
  • Perform qualitative risk assessments to identify and prioritize key risks from all possible sources of risk
  • Quantify all types of risks
  • Develop a clear definition of risk appetite
  • Strengthen and improve strategic planning by increasing the likelihood of achieving strategic goals
  • Communicate risk in an appropriate manner to all stakeholders by ensuring that the main risks are well understood and managed
  • Apply ERM techniques to improve decision-making procedures

Why choose Mastering ERM?

  • The credibility of University of Piraeus combined with IB.HS's know-how in business operation form a truly innovative educational program with direct application to market conditions
  • Focuses on the same level in all areas of the company's business and not solely in the management of financial risks
  • Flexibility in attending (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, 2-3 times a month)
  • The syllabus is provided electronically via a 10.1" tablet, free of charge for participants
  • Each participation in Mastering ERM is an investment in a relatively new role (Risk Officers & Chief Risk Officers)
  • The role of Risk Officers & Chief Risk officers is emerging for Greece and Europe, with significant opportunities for work and development in the private and public sectors
  • Mastering ERM is continuation and professional specialization for virtually all undergraduate academic titles, without any differentiation in studies or previous work experience
  • Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to become members of the newly established Hellenic Association of Risk Management.
  • Given the circumstances, its competitive tuition fees rank it in 'Best Value for Money'


The professors of the program have been chosen for their excellence and experience at both academic and professional level.


Following the successful completion of the Mastering ERM program, the participants are awarded with a Certificate of Specialized Training of the Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Piraeus with the title "Executive Master in ERM" (Enterprise Risk Management) and ECVET credits according to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training.

Program Duration

Mastering ERM starts on Friday 1st of November 2019 and ends in 8 months. The lessons are held on Fridays afternoon and Saturdays morning (2-3 monthly) at the University of Piraeus. The examinations are conducted by module.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees amount to € 2,950 (plus 24% VAT) per person. This amount also includes educational material in electronic form with the free disposal of a 10.1 '' tablet.

The program can be subsidized through Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED / LAEK 0.24%).

Early Booking: €2.950 until October 11

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